The Zhang lab news

2021, June:

We are pleased to invite Dr. Muyuan Chen to Yale for a hands-on workshop on EMAN2!


2022, May:

The Zhang lab published central apparatus in NSMB!

See also the news and views article by Prof. Elena A. Zehr and Antonina Roll-Meck co-published in NSMB.

MB&B news on the active CA structure!


2021, Sep:

The Zhang lab and collaborators reveal a dynamic substrate binding site of cytochrome bo3 by cryo-EM in PNAS.

See also this news article.


2021, Sep:

The Zhang lab published outer-arm dynein in NSMB!

See also this news article on the outer-arm dynein paper.


2021, Sep:

Kai Zhang and Qinhui Rao receive Gibbons Gold Award


2019, Summer:

The Zhang lab is warmingly welcoming three excellent female scientists to join our team soon!!!

They are Dr. Yue Wang, Miss Yuchen Yang and Miss Jiao Li!


2019, Spring:

The Zhang lab officially started!